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"EVACUATION 200" humanitarian project

Because of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, during the hostilities, there was an urgent need to conduct search operations, exhume (extract) and transport the bodies (remains) of the dead military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the involvement of public associations with relevant experience. The Central Directorate of Civil-Military Cooperation of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, within the framework of the implementation of the Humanitarian Project of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "EVACUATION 200", decided to propose, on a gratuitous basis, to use the forces and means of the Public Organization "Military Historical Center" Memory and Glory "to fulfill the set tasks. The members of the Center decided to join the Humanitarian project of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "EVACUATION 200".
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Humanitarian project "Port of Hope"

"Port of Hope" Project: Humanitarian provision and support for war-affected, people who need help, evacuees and displaced persons, primarily children, families with children, the elderly people. Authors of the project: IA "Eurostrategy" with the support of the Charitable Foundation "Chestnota".
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Needs of territorial defense units of Odessa region

The public initiative "Assistance to Odessa Territorial Defense" aims to meet the non-military and humanitarian needs of territorial defense units in connection with the fighting in Ukraine. Public Union “International Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Development of the South of Ukraine“ Eurostrategy ” and Social Crowdfunding Resource Platform SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects” invites everyone to join the initiative. We act on the basis of the Memorandum with the Territorial Defense Forces "South".
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Children's inclusive fishing festival "KINGFISHER"

Children's Fishing Festival “KINGFISHER” is a one-day inclusive outdoor event with elements of psychological relaxation in the format of a fishing festival for children aged 7 to 17, including children from families in difficult life circumstances and children with disabilities. A barrier-free environment has been organized, assistance from professional instructors, professional fishing equipment and a unique concept of the event will provide an opportunity for children not only to take part in float fishing, but also to relax in nature. The event is designed for the participation of 40 children.
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