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Project "ReCOVery +"

In March 2020, the World Health Organization announced a pandemic in the world through the coronavirus COVID-19. According to WHO, a pandemic is the spread of a disease on a global scale. This term is applied to an infectious disease that threatens many people around the world at the same time and, as a rule, is characterized by the lack of herd immunity in humanity and effective means of prevention (vaccines) and treatment. The number of deaths from COVID-19 quickly exceeded the number of deaths during the swine flu pandemic in 2009-2010. The WHO recorded an exponential acceleration in the spread of coronavirus: the first 100,000 people fell ill in 67 days, the second in 11 days, the third in 4 days, the fourth in 3 days, and the fifth 100,000 in just 2 days. On some days in Italy, a record 743 deaths were recorded per day, in Spain, 738 people died on one day. As of September 1, there were 25.3 million COVID-19 infections in the world. The total number of deaths from infection was 848 thousand. Recovered 16.7 million. According to scientists forecasts, with a favorable scenario, the death toll will reach 15 million people, with the worst - more than 68 million. In addition to the threat to humanity from the coronavirus pandemic, the world is facing an economic crisis, which the IMF has named the biggest since the Great Depression of the 1930s. In Ukraine, the virus has already caused nearly unprecedented economic and social damage since early March, when it was reported to exist. All over the country, educational institutions, central and municipal authorities, communal and private enterprises, etc. were closed. The quarantined business has effectively left more than a million workers without income. Local governments were actually left alone during the quarantine period without the support of the central authorities. The world is now on the verge of a second wave of the pandemic. According to forecasts, this wave will be even more dangerous and destructive, both for humanity and for the economy. The above data indicate the ineffectiveness of the way to overcome the pandemic through the COVID-19 coronavirus by introducing strict quarantine conditions and indicate the need to find a more effective mechanism and develop an integrated solution that will control the spread of COVID-19, save lives and minimize the negative impact on the country's economy.
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The first tranche of - “Ukraine-Dibrova”

Проект "Україна – Діброва: перший етап реалізації" має на меті відпрацювання пілоту моделі підвищення екологічної та громадянської свідомості в 5 громадах України за 6 місяців 2020 року, а саме залучення до руху "Україна-Діброва" та навчання активістів, пересічних мешканців основам вирощування дубів з жолудя.
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Internet Platform "Magic Things"

The project "Internet platform "Magic Things" is aimed at social adaptation of people from socially vulnerable groups (people with disabilities, orphans and children deprived of parental care), meeting their needs for self-realization, support for creativity, improving the financial situation. unites people with disabilities for creative development and presentation to a wide audience of unique handmade products. Why is this important? Today in Ukraine there are more than 2.6 million people with disabilities, more than half of whom are of working age (from 18 to 60 years), but only about a third (530 thousand people) are employed. Social and professional adaptation is one of the urgent problems for people with disabilities. More than 70,000 orphans and children deprived of parental care are registered in the country, of which more than 6,000 are in boarding schools. People from socially vulnerable groups have the right to choose the type of activity and to have conditions and support in which to switch attention from their limitations to talents and opportunities. Our goal is to create the first in Ukraine inclusive Internet platform "Magic Things" for the implementation of "handmade" products created by people with disabilities and orphans, with the development within 6 months of the model of support of the platform masters to promote their self-realization and financial sustainability. We set ourselves the task: Create an inclusive Internet platform "Magic Things" for the sale of "handmade" products made by people with disabilities and orphans, with free accounting, legal and technical support of masters. Involve partner agents to communicate with the masters-authors of "handmade" products on the ground from among representatives of civil society organizations, initiative groups, commercial institutions from different regions of Ukraine. To work out the model of accompaniment of the masters of the "Magic Things" platform by partner agents at all stages: from registration on the site and presentation of the product to its sending to the buyer. Provide the opportunity to receive additional proceeds from the sale of "handmade" products for master authors. The project activity will include the following stages: Development of a technical task for the creation of the site "Magic Things" taking into account the recommendations on web accessibility for people with disabilities, selection of contractors, development and testing of the Internet platform (within 6 months). Selection of involved specialists - accountant, lawyer, communication manager. Creation of a network of partner agents of the platform from several regions of Ukraine: invitation to cooperation of civil society organizations, initiative groups caring for people with disabilities and orphans, utilities (rehabilitation centers, boarding schools). Involvement of masters of "handmade" products among people with disabilities, orphans and children deprived of parental care (through their official representatives) from different regions, signing a cooperation agreement with them, creating individual pages of masters on the platform. Development of the model of support of masters of the platform "Magic Things" by partner agents, which will include: preparation of individual presentation of the master and "handmade" products for the site, assessment of physical and technical capabilities of authors, if necessary, delivery to the buyer. Organization of online sales of "handmade" products and regular online auctions at the regional level with promotion on social networks, specialized sites, etc. to attract an SEO specialist. During the project implementation of information support of the Internet platform "Magic Things": with the involvement of the content manager of a press briefing on the launch of the resource, posting information about the platform on the organization's website, dissemination of project news on social networks (official page of IA "Eurostrategy", pages partners on Facebook, etc.). Project results: An inclusive Internet platform "Magic Things" has been created for the sale of "handmade" products made by people with disabilities and orphans, with free accounting, legal and technical support for craftsmen. Within 6 months, a network of agents-partners of the platform for communication with master authors of products was created - at least 5 people from different regions. During the project period, at least 5 masters of "handmade" products were involved among people with disabilities, orphans and children deprived of parental care (through their representatives), for each of which individual pages were created on the platform. At least 2 online auctions were held with the presentation of up to 20 lots of products on each. At least 65 publications have been created on social networks and Internet resources about news and the progress of the project.
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Inclusive children's fishing festival "KINGFISHER"

Сhildren's fishing festival "KINGFISHER" - it's one day inclusive fishing festival on a clear wind with the element of psyhical this is a one-day inclusive outdoor event with elements of psychological relaxation in the format of a fishing festival for children aged 7 to 17 years, including children from families in difficult life circumstances and children with special needs. An organized barrier-free environment, assistance from professional instructors and professional fishing equipment (fishing rods, bait) will provide an opportunity for children in difficult life circumstances and children with special needs to take part in float fishing. The event is designed for 30 - 35 children. The format of the event provides an environmentally educational component,master classes and rewarding of children participating.
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"Clean Tisza is the key to a happy future"

Zakarpattia is one of the richest regions of Ukraine in terms of water resources. The Carpathian springs feed the most important water arteries of Europe, such as: the Vistula, the Danube, the Tisza, the Dniester and their numerous large and small tributaries. The Carpathians are the source of 80% of Romania's water resources and 40% of Ukraine's water reserves are also from the Carpathians. But it is disturbing to note that the Carpathians may lose their importance for Europe as a source of fresh water. Mountainous regions are most vulnerable to the "garbage problem". Garbage-removal trucks, which usually run through lowland villages without any problems, do not go to the mountains, where the roads are often absent at all, and if there are, the cost of garbage removal from there hits record heights. Because of this, the Chairmen of mountain communities often close their eyes to the illegal dumping, burning garbage by locals and throwing it into the river. It sounds disappointing but the rivers are the main waste transporter of the Ukrainian Carpathians.
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