Needs of territorial defense units of Odessa region Humanitarian needs


The public initiative "Assistance to Odessa Territorial Defense" aims to meet the non-military and humanitarian needs of territorial defense units in connection with the fighting in Ukraine. Public Union “International Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Development of the South of Ukraine“ Eurostrategy ” and Social Crowdfunding Resource Platform SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects” invites everyone to join the initiative. We act on the basis of the Memorandum with the Territorial Defense Forces "South":

The Odessa Territorial Defense Forces need to ensure the work of the headquarters::

1. Food and drinking water; - done

2. Medicines; - done

3. Household goods, sandbags; - done

4. Convectors; - done

5. Power cables (200 meters); - done

6. Boilers (50 l); - done

7. Maintenance and fuel for transport; - done

8. Stationery, consumables; - done

9. Computer technology; - done

10. Locksmith and joiner's tool. - done

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