About Social Crowdfunding Resource Platform “SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects”

    Our Social Crowdfunding Resource Platform is positioned as a national service for attracting and administering international and domestic extra budgetary resources to solve pressing social problems. The platform contributes to the implementation of the full project cycle, provides transparent financial and project reporting.

  • The platform is developed by the public association “International Association “Eurostrategy”.
  • The Platform is led by the “Social Union Council for Social Investment”.
  • “The Social Investment Council” is a stand-alone organization that was created to administer “SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects”. The Council provides technical support for the Platform and declared financial openness, transparency in the collection and use of funds.
  • The platform is a tool for accumulating international resources: attracting and pooling the resources of international funds, donor organizations, business, Ukrainian and foreign individuals to implement large-scale social projects in Ukraine, and attracting investments.
  • Advantages of “SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects”:
  • • financial openness, transparency of fundraising and use of funds;
  • • assistance in solving social problems without attracting budget funds;
  • • personal account in the structure of the Platform for donors, sponsors, philanthropists, investors, which provides access to information on the progress of the project, the use of funds and tracking the history of donations 24/7.