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It is known that health is one of the most important components of human well-being and happiness, one of the inalienable human rights, one of the conditions for the successful social and economic development of any country. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child spelled out his legal rights - the right to healthy growth and development.

According to the official data of the State Statistics Service, as of January 1, 2020, there are 163,886 children with disabilities in Ukraine under 18 years old. As you know, the inclusive space in the country is underdeveloped. There are physical and social barriers that prevent children, adolescents and youth with disabilities from fully integrating into society. The availability of transport, street and social infrastructures remains relevant. According to the WEF Social Mobility Index in 2020, Ukraine took only 46th place out of 82 countries.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to hold an inclusive children's festival with the participation of children, adolescents and youth. Participants are representatives of communities that want to join the project. Activities will be held in spring and autumn, favorable times for fishing. Each is designed for the participation of about 40 children, which their parents can join. The total number of participants - children and adults - about 70 people.

The festival is aimed at overcoming social and psychological problems and barriers experienced by children in difficult life circumstances and children with disabilities, and popularizing a healthy lifestyle, fishing sports, by involving them in active forms of recreation with elements of psychological relaxation.

The format of the event provides for an environmental and educational component, educational master classes and awarding diplomas and prizes to children-participants.

Target audience: children from families in difficult life circumstances, children with disabilities aged 7-17 years.

Purpose and objectives of the project:

Purpose: to hold a one-day outdoor event with elements of psychological relaxation in the format of a fishing festival for children aged 7 to 17 years, including children from families in difficult life circumstances and children with disabilities in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, fishing sports, attracting children to active forms of recreation, increasing environmental awareness and respect for nature among children, youth and their parents, to promote the formation of a full-fledged inclusive space in Ukraine.


· Assistance in the formation of an inclusive space and a barrier-free environment for children with disabilities;

· Popularization of a healthy lifestyle, outdoor activities, education of a careful and humane attitude to nature;

· Disclosure of fishing abilities, development of communication skills;

· Increasing the level of environmental awareness in children and psychological relaxation.


· Presentation of the project and cooperation with the executive committee of the community, invitation of participants, organization and holding of a children's festival;

· Provision of professional fishing equipment and master classes by professional instructors during the event;

· Providing psychological relaxation by staying outdoors in a natural scenic landscape near the reservoir;

· Games, communication and rewarding of all participants.

Required resources to complete the project

Human resources:

· Project manager - organization, control and coordination of project activities; communication with partners (district councils, elected communities, participants and their parents)

· Program manager, assistant to the project manager - communication component of the project, organizing events, solving current program issues;

· Project accountant - accounting, financial reporting for the project;

· Professional instructors - for participants fishing master classes, accompaniment during the festival;

· Volunteer animators - organizing entertainment for children.

Material resources:

Professional fishing equipment (rods, rigging, bait, bait, bucket)

· Diplomas and gifts for participants;

· Consumables for events and cleaning the area after the event (antiseptics, masks, bins and garbage bags).

To implement the project, first of all, people are needed - organizers, partners, participants and their parents. A team of like-minded people, for whom the creation of conditions of equality for all children, their well-being, smiles and non-discrimination of any kind are above all. The availability of material resources, primarily financial, will allow organizing and carrying out the planned 12 events.

Results and prospects of the project:

Short-term results:

· Held a children's fishing festival on the community's reservoir;

· 40 children and adolescents aged 7-17 will take part in the events;

· About 30 parents will attend the event with their children;

· About 200 news, publications will be published about the project and events on the web resources of organizers, partners and communities.

Long-term results:

· Expanding the geography of the project, covering additional areas and attracting new communities. Next year at least 24 festivals, more than 1000 participants aged 7-17, about 800 parents;

· More than 100 news about events and the project on the Internet resources of organizers, partners, communities, etc .;

· Base of more than 60 partners for holding children's fishing festivals.

Experience exchange:

Search for partners, including public associations at the venues of events. Providing complete information on organizing and holding the event, namely the presentation of the project, the program of the event, the list of nominations, the base of partners, assistance in communicating with local authorities, attracting participants.

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Photo: Kingfisher - 2021 (spring, Baraboy), Kingfisher - 2019, Kingfisher - 2018

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