Partnership Memorandum of Partnership with the Borispol City Council

Memorandum of Partnership with the Borispol City Council

On December 26, 2019, in Boryspil, the Eurostrategy, the Social Investment Council and Social Unity signed a Memorandum of Partnership with the Boryspil City Council. At this stage, in the aforementioned, all signatories understand the implementation of the large inclusive project “A country without barriers to deaf” and cooperation within the framework of the SIPstarter: "Social Investment Projects", Social Crowdfunding Resource Platform, a national service for attracting and administering international and domestic extra-budgetary resources, which contributes to the implementation of the full project cycle and provides transparent financial reporting. The global goal of the project “A country without barriers to the deaf” is to eliminate the language barrier between hearing and deaf people, creating in Ukraine a full-fledged friendly social and infrastructural environment for deaf and hard of hearing people.

The memorandum was signed as part of the development of public-civil partnerships to promote the reform and development of the social and economic sectors, the introduction and development of innovative tools and mechanisms for social investment, the development of social entrepreneurship and the social infrastructure of the region, to increase the level of human rights and the human development index, interaction and cooperation of representatives of the public, business and government to ensure sustainable development tions.This collaboration is designed to help attract extrabudgetary resources sufficient to implement ambitious social projects.