Events SIPstarter - from thought to action, from idea to action. Welcome to the Platform!

SIPstarter - from thought to action, from idea to action. Welcome to the Platform!

"From thought to action, from idea to action" - this is the slogan of the International Association "Eurostrategy".

In the winter of 2017, it was slogan that served as a vector for starting work on our large project. The idea of creating "SIPstarter" appeared as a response to the challenge and the need to implement large social programs and projects to improve social infrastructure.

One of the first projects was the creation of the Odessa regional center for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. We began to look for new forms of attracting investments and other extra budgetary resources. So the idea of a new format of social investment arose with the aim of attracting and pooling the resources of international funds, donor organizations, business, foreign individuals and investors for the implementation of large-scale social projects in Ukraine.

The final goal was formulated as follows: "SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects" is a social crowdfunding resource Platform, a national service for attracting and administering international and domestic extra budgetary resources, which contributes to the implementation of the full project cycle and ensures transparent financial reporting".

In order to create a unified, independent, transparent and reliable system of attracting financial and technical assistance to support socially vulnerable groups of the population, the "Social Investment Council" was created in 2017 - a public union that should bring together highly qualified international experts in the field of social investment.

Trust in projects on the Platform is trust in the Platform itself. Before the project is publicly available, it undergoes strict pre-moderation. Each author of the project is checked individually. The Platform Administrator enters into an Agreement with each Platform user on the procedure "conditions for using the services, services and functions of the "SIPstarter" platform".

You can independently study the information provided by the author of the project, pay attention to the portfolio, accounts on social networks, links to other projects.

Everyone can evaluate the results of this long journey to the goal on:

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