Platform Public initiative AID FOR TERRITORIAL DEFENSE


This project "AID FOR TERRITORIAL DEFENSE" aims to provide non military and humanitarian necessities to departments of territorial defence due to military actions in Ukraine. We act on the basis of Memorandum of territorial forces “South”.

At the moment we need literally everything: furniture, stationery, food, thermal imagers and night vision devices. The full list of our needs can be found on the project page

We administer the following account and will make payments at the request of the Territorial Defense Office. The platform is accountable and transparent. You can make donates using our Platform by clicking the "HELP" button!

If you are able to provide something from the list of needs of the Odessa Territorial Defense, please contact the numbers:



Add account details:

Public initiative "AID FOR TERRITORIAL DEFENSE" 41399125

IBAN UA873073500000026004000863601

Recipient's bank: AT "AKB "CONCORD", Dnipro, Ukraine, MFO 307350, EDRPOU 34514392

Purpose of payment: Donate for the needs of territorial defense

If you have problems with transferring money to a legal account, through the platform you can send funds to the Monobank card of the initiator of the project

Leonid Ignatiev:

4441 1144 5670 6694

Please spread the word as much as possible!