Platform I save the country together with «SIPstarter»

I save the country together with «SIPstarter»

  In early spring of 2020, we`ve planned to launch at full power our brand new Social Crowdfunding Platform "SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects", which was in common developed with the International Association "Eurostrategy" for more than two years ago. Its concept provides assistance in solving system social problems in communities and raising finance from various sources for the implementation of social projects and initiatives.

  COVID`19 has suddenly divided our lives into "before" and "after". The virus has set a primary task for SIPstarter - to respond to current challenges facing Ukrainian society. The original purpose of the Platform as a transparent fund raising tool remains. Our priority for today is to support Ukrainian communities in overcoming the negative socio-economic and humanitarian aftermath of the coronavirus.

  We encourage philanthropists, sponsors, donors, representatives of socially responsible businesses to help the people in need, using "SIPstarter" as a tool. Go to the registration on the site and then join the active Platform work to say with confidence "I save Ukraine!" We will combine our forces and demonstrate public unity in solving social and humanitarian problems. We`ll be waiting for all the country on Join with us!

Video content is available here.