Events First public presentation of SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects

First public presentation of SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects

On November 26, 2019, in Kiev, the "SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects", Social Crowdfunding Resource Platform was publicly presented for the first time. The presentation was held as part of the All-Ukrainian Public Forum "Participation of Active Citizens in the Social Development of Communities", which was organized by the Caritas-Spes Religious Mission of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine. Caritas-Spes is one of the first organizations to sign a memorandum of support for a large project, SIPstarter, with the Eurostrategy and the Social Investment Council.

The purpose of the Forum is to present the role of active citizens with faith in the development of communities, presenting projects of social services and engaging local, regional, national and international partners from communities, government and business. In total, about 80 people from 15 regions of Ukraine took part in the Forum. These are activists of religious communities, directors and employees of "Caritas-Spes", as well as donors and partners of the Mission.

Leonid Ihnatiev, head of the Public Union "International Association for the Sustainable Development of the South of Ukraine "Eurostrategy" and Sergey Sudnik, chairman of the Public Union "Council for Social Investments" talked about how to attract resources using virtual platforms using the example of "SIPstarter".

From SIPstarter partners - Concord Bank and the Charity Fund, the forum was attended by Yulia Sosedka, a shareholder of Concord Bank and the creator of the fund, who spoke about the support of social projects from banks as part of the social and corporate responsibility of the business. "We support various projects. Last year, we took 3rd place in the rating of charitable exchanges - precisely for transparency. I am very glad that today I met with so many initiatives that can qualitatively change life in Ukraine. If you save the life of one person, you will save the world," said Mrs. Julia. She also spoke about tithing, which is not only important for believers, but also gave an example of effective support for social initiatives thanks to 10% of the profits donated to charity. "When a priest speaks about tithing, it is perceived naturally. But when a representative of a bank speaks about tithing, business is amazing," said Father Petr Zharkovsky, president of the Caritas-Spes Ukraine Mission, commented on the words of Mrs. Yulia.

In the second part of the Forum, public initiatives that successfully operate in local communities were presented. "SIPstarter" partners - the social movement Social Unity Public Organization, represented by the chairman Evgeny Okhrimenka, and Vitaly Potapchuk, chairman of Technologies for People, presented innovative models of inclusive solutions for deaf people: "ConnectPRO" and "Sign Language Translator", Which help people with hearing impairments in communication and is funded by the users themselves: "With this model, we destroy the language and psychological barrier between inaudible and hearing people. We provide access to the contact center of sign language translators and make services throughout Ukraine accessible to people with hearing impairment at any time and anywhere", said Eugene. Each user will be able to support this project on