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About platform

SIPstarter Platform

For the development of the social infrastructure of the region and the country as a whole, International Association "Eurostrategy" initiated and developed the unique innovative product to attract social investment to the region, it is crowdfunding platform "SIPstarter: Social Investment Projects". The "Social Investment Council" an independent Supervisory body, was created to manage the platform. The priority task of the crowdfunding platform is to create conditions for the openness and financial transparency of the system of gathering and use of funds. On the basis of «SIPstarter» platform are implemented a number of services and modules:

- virtual cabinet for "donors" with 24/7 access, through which each donor has the opportunity to monitor the use of involved funds , as well as to monitor the process of implementation of projects;

- regular notification of users about new events, projects and current activities of the platform;

- geographical independence - access to the platform anywhere in the world for individuals and legal entities;

- openness of financial information - access to financial statements in the personal account.

About platform

Social Investment Council

Public Union "Social Investment Council" was created as an independent supervisory body to manage the platform.

The Social Investment Council on a partnership non-profit basis includes representatives of international donor organizations, foundations, businesses, as well as national public and charitable organizations directly aimed at the result of the implementation of social programs. On the crowdfunding platform "SIPstarter" was created the "Virtual Cabinet", as one of the monitoring tools.Using the “Virtual Cabinet”, each donor has the ability to control the use of raised funds, tracking the movement of funds and the process of implementation of projects. Control over the use of resources:

Within the framework of the created structure, there is no possibility of misuse of resources and corruption schemes due to a transparent monitoring and control system.

We offer

Services and modules

Virtual “donor room”

You will be able to monitor 24/7 the usage of all founds brought to the project as well as observing the progress of ongoing projects

Expert support

Online counseling in fundraising issues by experts of the Platform - recommendations for preparing an idea for a full-fledged social project, attracting local finances to implement the idea

Openness of financial information

Individuals and legal entities have access to financial statistics and project reporting to control the collection and utilization of funds for the purposes intended



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