Project "ReCOVery +"
Overcoming the effects of the coronavirus infection epidemic (COVID-19)

* The "ReCOVery +" project is the first stage in the implementation of a large program to reduce the epidemiological burden in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of a mechanism to stabilize the economy during the quarantine period "RECOVEMENT"


In March 2020, the World Health Organization announced a pandemic in the world through the coronavirus COVID-19. According to WHO, a pandemic is the spread of a disease on a global scale. This term is applied to an infectious disease that threatens many people around the world at the same time and, as a rule, is characterized by the lack of herd immunity in humanity and effective means of prevention (vaccines) and treatment.

The number of deaths from COVID-19 quickly exceeded the number of deaths during the swine flu pandemic in 2009-2010. The WHO recorded an exponential acceleration in the spread of coronavirus: the first 100,000 people fell ill in 67 days, the second in 11 days, the third in 4 days, the fourth in 3 days, and the fifth 100,000 in just 2 days. On some days in Italy, a record 743 deaths were recorded per day, in Spain, 738 people died on one day.

As of September 1, there were 25.3 million COVID-19 infections in the world. The total number of deaths from infection was 848 thousand. Recovered 16.7 million.

According to scientists forecasts, with a favorable scenario, the death toll will reach 15 million people, with the worst - more than 68 million.

In addition to the threat to humanity from the coronavirus pandemic, the world is facing an economic crisis, which the IMF has named the biggest since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

In Ukraine, the virus has already caused nearly unprecedented economic and social damage since early March, when it was reported to exist. All over the country, educational institutions, central and municipal authorities, communal and private enterprises, etc. were closed. The quarantined business has effectively left more than a million workers without income. Local governments were actually left alone during the quarantine period without the support of the central authorities.

The world is now on the verge of a second wave of the pandemic. According to forecasts, this wave will be even more dangerous and destructive, both for humanity and for the economy. The above data indicate the ineffectiveness of the way to overcome the pandemic through the COVID-19 coronavirus by introducing strict quarantine conditions and indicate the need to find a more effective mechanism and develop an integrated solution that will control the spread of COVID-19, save lives and minimize the negative impact on the country's economy.

Goal: the introduction in certain administrative territories of Ukraine of a set of mechanisms and solutions that will allow local authorities to implement the restrictive measures necessary to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic without causing damage to the economy, both in a single territory and the country as a whole.


1. Development, implementation and scaling in Ukraine of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country.

2. Creation of IT solutions in the form of an analytical and applied program that will provide mechanisms to reduce the epidemiological burden and introduce biomedical and non-medical measures to overcome the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic based on a smart territory management system in a crisis.

3. Determination of ways of managing labor resources in order to ensure the life of cities and territorial entities during a pandemic.

4. Ensuring systematic screening of work groups and risk groups.

Project activities:

Within the framework of the project, communications and cooperation with representatives of cities / UTCs from all 24 regions of the country and the city of Kiev will be established to implement measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Ukraine. The partners and members of the ReCOVEment anti-crisis coalition will provide expert and technical support to communities on the development of effective mechanisms for managing territories, preparing development projects and attracting resources for their implementation from various sources (local budgets, business, grants and technical assistance programs). During the project implementation period from 6 to 9 months, experts will provide support in several directions, namely:

IT solutions:

  1. introduction of geographic information systems for mapping risks and analyzing the availability of testing in the territories (finalization of TOR: development of modules);
  2. creation and adaptation of the COVID-19 program for the management of territories;
  3. development of an analytical module and a number of risk management tools to formulate proposals for local and regional authorities.

Management decisions:

  1. formation of mechanisms and procedures for the creation of public-private partnerships (hereinafter - PPP) in the territories;
  2. preparation of methodological recommendations on the use of PPP for testing the population;
  3. development of standards, practices of approaches to the management of territories during quarantine and exit from it;
  4. building the interest of local businesses.

Educational activities:

  1. development of educational programs for PPP groups on mechanisms for finding solutions to modern challenges;
  2. conducting training.

Information component: Dissemination of information by publishing news about the progress of the project on the official web resources of the cities / UTCs of the project participants. Posting information on social networks and web resources of all partner organizations. Holding press conferences at the beginning and after the implementation of the project. Press briefings monthly in each region on the progress and success of the project every 3 months.

Expected results:

1.The principles of an effective public-private partnership (PPP) system have been formed in the context of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic at the regional level to cover the testing of the labor reserves of the region and socially vulnerable segments of the population at COVID-19.

2.A package of recommendations for the regions was prepared on the procedure for making decisions and introducing effective mechanisms for the management and development of territories in a crisis using the PPP system.

3. Effective mechanisms of intervention are proposed that the Government of Ukraine and local self-government bodies can implement to respond to the pandemic at the all-Ukrainian, regional and local levels, taking into account regional characteristics.

The cost of the project is 600,000 $. As of October 09, at the NBU rate, this is 16,969,800 UAH.

Today, the organization's own contribution to the implementation of the "ReCOVery +" project already amounts to 120,000 USD, equal to 3,393,960 UAH.

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