"Caritas Odesa UGCC Youth Center" in Yuzhny - Odesa district, Odesa region Social infrastructure


«Deus caritas est» God iіs love. The love that everyone can feel, that lives in you and moves from heart to heart. Love as a sense of human responsibility to man. In hundreds of countries around the world, volunteers and employees of the international family of charities "Caritas" are the conductors of this love.

The Caritas Odesa UGCC Charitable Foundation has been operating since 2005. During this time, a very good team has been formed, as the Caritas members call themselves within the organization - the Caritas family, people inspired by the love of helping others, wonderful employees who are always ready to help those in need. Now Caritas Odesa UGCC Charitable Foundation has many different programs that have been operating since 2005: home care for people in need; children's and family center; children's project in Izmail - self-organizing educational space and others.

The Caritas Odessa UGCC Charitable Foundation is proposing a project to establish the Caritas Odesa UGCC Youth Center in the city of Yuzhny (Odesa district, Odesa region). The project activities are aimed at socio-psychological and educational support for children from families of internally displaced persons, families of ATO / OSS participants, families in difficult life circumstances (IDPs), families with children with disabilities, young startups and migrant entrepreneurs, in order to improve their social and psychological well-being, raising the level of education and development, integration of IDPs and people with disabilities.

About the project tells about. Vasil Kolodchyn, director of the Caritas Odesa UGCC Charitable Foundation: “The idea of ​​the youth center was born five years ago, maybe six years ago, when we opened the Child-Friendly Space project. Many children came from the conflict zone, children who were "wounded" by the war. At the same time, we had the project "Long-term economic recovery for peace." This is a project that allowed people to either start a new business, or rebuild their business, to gain entrepreneurial skills. This is exactly how the idea of ​​this youth center was born. Since we have a sufficient number of specialists who can help qualitatively, we need to create conditions where we could do it. There is a plot by the sea where we can build such a youth center so that both children and families can undergo rehabilitation. Now it is even more relevant, because in addition to the war, a post-quarantine, post-quarantine situation has been imposed. People need such support and rehabilitation. We can make a training base for entrepreneurs, for young startups, to develop their potential. This is a very broad format: to help people cope with the crisis situations in which they find themselves, either as a result of war or as a result of a coronavirus - a pandemic, quarantine. »

The construction of the complex is planned on a plot of land in the city of Yuzhny (Odesa region), near the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (UGCC) (10 Stroiteley Street).

Link: 3D-panorama of the construction site

The land plot is located on the Black Sea coast, 47 km from the regional center - the city of Odesa.

The place is located in a place favorable for recreation and health improvement, 700 meters from the beach.

It is planned to build a three-storey building with a total area of 1008 sq.m, surrounded by green spaces.

(The future building of the Center is marked in yellow)

During the construction process, all advanced and efficient technologies in this industry will be taken into account. The building will be equipped with a modern air conditioning and ventilation system, energy-saving equipment.

In general, the emphasis in the planning of the Center is placed on the preservation of the home environment and family atmosphere.

The center will include:

• 30 standard rooms;

• 6 hostel-type rooms for 30 people;

• 1 conference room for 60 people;

• 1 meeting room;

• summer cinema, playground.

(Draft building plan using the example of a basement floor)

Appeal about. Vasil Kolodchyn, director of the charity fund "Caritas Odesa UGCC": “I think it will be a very unique experience, a unique practice for everyone who decides to support our project. As we know from the Gospel about a widow who contributed two mites - the smallest gift, but received the greatest praise from Jesus. Even the smallest contribution is a contribution to a great common cause. This is synergy. When we combine our good desires in one direction, we can achieve a much better result. Thanks everyone! "
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